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Hi: My dealer and Distributor of reflective foil passed away suddenly with cancer, my prayers go out to him and his family. He was very nice man, a friend to me and many others. 

Please pray for those in pain and suffering with cancer, medical problems, that are in our hospitals today and suffering at home! Thank the nurses and doctors who care for us all. Pray for those that are no longer with us these days.  

    Peace, peace, yet there is no peace, may God help us all!

I will take this web site off line PDQ, working on another one right now!

Have a great and safe week, please drive safe, always think safety!



                   Support our Troops & Sailors

                          Pray for peace!

              Thank you  U.S. Navy  Submariners,

                  You're the best of the best!

                Broken promises and more killing.                 Bring our troops home now, stop these                  useless wars before more get killed!

                    U.S.S. NEW YORK has been                       commissioned.  May "fair winds and                  following seas" always follow you. Good               luck and may "Pride and Glory" always                               be your guide!   

         Remember our troops and sailors overseas,      "Thank You" for serving and keeping us safe!

         "THANKS to all that serve and to all whom                   have served our great nation,                                    God bless you all."

           ENJOY LIFE and be safe out there.      Know your neighbors, be aware of your present                 surrounding all the time!