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Our prayers and thoughts go out to the owner of Energy Saver$ of America, Jim (Mr. Foil), his family, a dear friend and a fine gentleman, he will be missed by many and especially me. May the Lord take him and give him peace!

Please pray for those in pain and suffering with cancer, and for those that are no longer with us these days.  Peace, peace, yet there is no peace, may God help us all!

You can have all the energy in the world green or otherwise, if you cannot contain or use that energy effectively it's wasted. Heat is energy, when you can control and use the heat wisely, then you save energy and that's money in your pocket!


Welcome to my web site, it's about common sense issues to Energy Savings and what you can personally do to save Energy, money and the Environment. Global warming is an issue, but when you save energy you also stop some (NOT ALL) Global warming. Everyone has to do their share to protect the air quality of our atmosphere. You must act locally (your home or business) because energy usage is where you can start, it will then effect us all through out the world. I feel education is the "Key" to these issues, singing music will not stop the global warming issues. If every family purchased and planted a "tree" instead of buying a "CD" every year, the effects would be enormous! Using recycled materials and recycling all we can, will make a difference. Also remember that 85% of all glass that is recycled goes to making fiberglass insulation! Yes, your old glass bottles and containers!

 Global warming is not made up and it has the science community worried about our Earth's future, protect it now or pay later, makes sense doesn't it? Talking about it and not doing anything about it, that's really hypocritical.

 Food prices are the highest in 60 years and raising daily, bio-fuel from corn and grains have driven the cost of food up along with fuel costs, INSTEAD OF MAKING FOOD FROM FOOD PRODUCTS.

 When homes and business's are built today, let's face it energy saving plays a big part. But new home builders, owners install the cheapest insulation they can install and get away with still meeting the new energy standards such as Title 24, in California.  New construction laws took effect Jan 1st, 2014, new California Energy regulations took effect Jan 1st, 2014 and also a brand new National Electrical Code  (NEC) 2011 is now International Building codes will be forced on Americans and some International Fires Code have already been made into LAW!

   Reflective foil/reflective insulation products are not new in the construction field or space, it's been used in homes in the deep U.S. South, Australia, and NASA programs. Some reflective foil on the market today is garbage, ask for the warranty? If they don't have don't buy the product at all. The Sun is our main source of heating the Earth, although 93 Million miles away, it can make you wish you had someway to reflect that heat away from you or home or business. You see these reflective foil car windshield screens everyday, they do keep the car inside cooler, but also it protects the car's interiors from rotting or burning by the Sun's rays. It stands to reason to reflect that heat away from the inside of your home or business?

  Does radon, mold and allergies concern you or your family, it should? More about that later!

   If you're interested in saving energy and money welcome, please enter and read my web site! Thank you for visiting my web site!

Have a great and safe week, please drive safe, always think safety!



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